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DNR Process Solutions wins project dealing with mobile water purification system in Sichuan, China

26 September 2008
Singapore, Sep'08 : Process automation consultants DNR Process Solutions is providing its expertise to the SWA Community Development Project in earthquake-affected Sichuan in China. A collaborative effort between the Lien Aid (LA)/ Lien Foundation of Singapore and Borough Pte Ltd, the objective of the project is to build and operate a mobile water purification system (MWPS) that treats raw water from a lake and produce both potable and drinking water for about 10,000 people living in a resettlement camp. DNR Process Solutions will be involved in the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the control system, motor control center, field instruments, control valves and on/off valves. DNR Process Solutions has considerable expertise in provide a range of consultancy services to water and waste water treatment sector. Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your project.