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GEA Westfalia Separator awards Centrifuge Decanter Control System project to DNR

31 January 2016
Singapore, January 2016

DNR has been awarded a project by GEA Westfalia Separator as part of the Jurong Water Reclamation Plant Phase 4. The Centrifuge Package system for the C2 solids contract is the most critical system under the contract, involving solid-liquid separation from sludge.

The contract involves three centrifuges, each consisting of a local station (LS) with HMI for local control and a standalone Siemens PLC housed in a panel (LCP) in the main control room too for each of the centrifuges.

All three systems for the individual centrifuges will form an integral part of the Phase 4 solids contract C2, and thus will seamlessly integrate into the solids plant overall SCADA. The overall SCADA is also done by DNR under a separate contract awarded earlier and is based on WinCC SCADA.