Our Expertise

Over the years, DNR has gained the trust of our customers by consistently demonstrating our competent technical capabilities at every stage of implementation, from pre-sales to project implementation and post-project services. To deliver a total industrial IT and automation solution, we offer four leading-edge technologies: sensors, communication, automation, and information.

We are one of the few providers able to integrate all four technologies across three levels of integration (Strategic, Operational and Floor level) to create a scalable system that works seamlessly to optimise your business processes.

From Sensor to CEO Integration of automation and information technology for complete interoperability.

More then
2,000 tanks

automated using
our solutions

Over 50 sites
managing their
inventories with
our services

More then
10,000 devices

connected on our
Profibus network
at a single site


We provide sensors to detect physical conditions such as Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Weight, etc. to provide accurate information for monitoring, control and automation. Our customers also rely on our expertise to select sensors and field devices that comply with design standards, safety regulations and process requirements.


We harness the powers of computers and technology to automate processes to increase the reliability and efficiency of business operations. In doing so, we take people out of the equation, eliminating human error to improve productivity, accuracy and precision.


Communication technology is the backbone of network and integration. We specialise in harnessing field intelligence by employing Profibus PA, technology and interfaces that enable communication between devices and the control system. At the forefront of Enterprise IOT (Internet of Things), we use the Internet for remote access and monitoring, and employ standard communication technologies and protocols to provide total integration.

Information Technology

We offer both hardware and software solutions spanning storage, receipt, retrieval and transmission for easy management of your data, so you'll be able to access it whenever and wherever you need. The specialist IT team at DNR has developed industry-specific solutions for inventory movement, stock accounting, quality, tracking, maintenance and remote monitoring to provide total vertical integration from plan to business in real time.