Specialized IIOT Solution

Total Solution

for Remote & Tracking of Fuel for Vessels

Marine fuel costs represent a major portion (60–70%) of a ship’s operating cost. With increasing oil prices and conservation efforts, careful fuel management and monitoring have become vital for environmental and financial reasons. A Fuel Management System can significantly decrease the cost and waste associated with the fuel supply chain, from on-shore ship bunkering and to on-board fuel consumption.

Fuel Track is a state of the art IIOT Solution designed to provide real-time monitoring fuel consumption for marine Vessels. It continuously monitors the amount of fuel being consumed by the ships engines, generators and correlates this with the vessel GPS (Latitude / Longitude and speed of the vessel) and power generation data to calculate the SFOC and other key performance indicators that specially cater to the requirements of marine industry.

Solution Architecture

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring and analytics give you the power to quickly analyze and easily display the measured values and correlate them with the fuel consumption.

  • Give users powerful real-time status of the key parmaeters (Flow rate, Density, RPM, GPS Coordinates, speed over land, etc.)

  • Specially designed graphical user interface for fuel monitoring and analytics

  • Real-Time Analytics: Charts, graphs, trends, KPI tracking, and more


System equipped with a comprehensive and user-friendly reporting system to automatically generate, preview, print, file, export and deliver report to your internal users, charterers and vessel owners

  • Manages a centralized database of all types of reporting needs

  • Reports can be generated automatically by month, week, day, etc.

  • Reports are generated in a standard business formats ex. Microsoft Excel, Word, Adobe PDF

Data Acquisition

The system is equipped with comprehensive data-acquisition and Archiveing tools.

  • Real-time data using industry standard protocols: OPC / Moddbus TCP/IP, and drivers for all kinds of different PLC’s and protocols.

  • Historical Data Logging for long term archiving, Trending and Reporting

Remote Monitoring Portal

Fuel Track – Centralized Fuel Monitoring Portal provides access to real-time display (local and remote) of the fuel consumption data such as -total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, consumption per engine, running hours,Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) trend analysis of ship to ship, voyage to voyage, etc.

Data are monitored at a glance via a browser interface and the system will presents a summarized tabular view of the monitored fuel consumptions for all ships.

When the position of the vessel is logged by the system, the data can be analyzed via the web portal. Data can be plotted and compared online or downloaded into Microsoft Excel* files for further analysis


  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  • Engine SFOC Calculations
  • Bunker Monitoring & Management
  • Shaft RPM and KWh Monitoring
  • Fieldbus Integration for Mass flowmeter
  • On-Vessel Monitoring Dashboar
  • Integration Interfaces to Other Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Dashboar