Bulk Storage and Movement


Specialized IIoT tank farm management solution for Palm Oil mills


Taking the guesswork out of inventory measurement & reporting

Companies dealing with bulk liquid inventory face myriad obstacles. Not only is it a challenge performing accurate and timely material reconciliations, but the lack of information hinders critical day-to-day business and production decisions.

In addition, many processes rely on manual labour, resulting in inefficiency, a loss of control and a higher risk of error. As such, enterprises need a solution that can automate, integrate and compute their tank farm inventory to drive greater productivity and profitability.

Timely and accurate information at your fingertips

A comprehensive and leading-edge Tank Farm Inventory Management IT Solution, POIMS utilises industry-standard computation formulas and syncs with tank gauging devices to measure and compute tank farm inventories with high accuracy. In other words, you get real-time, error-free, up-to-date reports whenever you need to make critical business decisions.

Enhanced safety with remote monitoring

By allowing business owners to monitor the real time inventory (mass / volume) of materials remotely, we avoid the necessity of assigning personnel to this task, lowering costs and increasing productivity. More importantly, we minimise the risk of pilferages thefts, overflows and other unwanted losses.

Unified view of all your tank farm inventories

By consolidating the inventory data of your tank farms in different geographical locations onto a single platform, you enjoy the benefit of having a unified view of your tankfarm inventories at one glance. In short, you'll be able to view the inventory levels and available storage capacity in all your tank farms, enabling you to make informed dispatch and production decisions.

State of the art IIoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions

Our solution is based on the state of the art latest IIoT technology, which brings very accurate and real time inventory data to your smart devices in a secure and efficient manner. We also provide integrated smart weighbridge management and material movement & reconciliation solutions.

Solution Architecture

POIMS IIoT – The smartest way of controlling, monitoring and managing inventory of Mills located remotely


  • Mill Manager
    • Real-time and accurate inventory measurement based on Palm Oil Standards
    • Securely push mill inventory information to the cloud and automatically generate reports
    • Enable mill manager to monitor inventory levels from anywhere
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management for the Mill Owners
    • Integrate real-time, accurate inventory data from storage tanks across multiple locations
    • Cost Effective subscription based system solution with fast deployment
    • Minimise the risk of pilferages thefts, overflows and other unwanted losses
  • Real time and accurate Inventory Measurement using state of the art IIoT technology
    • Non Contact highly accurate (+/- 1mm) Radar Level Transmitter
    • High Accuracy Class A (3-Wire) RTD Dual Element Temperature Sensor
    • HART Communication with FDT Integration for Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • IIoT gateway with POIMS Edge to provide efficient communication & local visualization