Digitized Solutions Plant Operation


Record, Track and Manage Industrial Operations & Events

Poor operations management processes have caused catastrophic incidents, creating an important requirement for more efficient, consistent and detailed data across day-to- day operations. Unfortunately, there are still inadequate time consuming data collection methods being used at many industrial sites, increasing organisational risk and inefficiendes.

Digital Transformation in manufacturing processes will drive operational excellence by enhancing information flow

Improved Health and Safety Processes

The formalized, effluent, repeatable and auditable HSE processes within e-shift log book system reduce the risk associated with Shift Handover and other processes. The System gathers relevant shift end information and enables safely checklists to be completed by operators before handing over shifts.

Fewer Human Errors

Improved communication means fewer human errors. This leads to improved production, reduced maintenance and losses, and fewer customer complaints. The e-Shift Logbook system can guide personnel through their daily tasks, ensuring that nothing critical is missed in the day-to- day operation of an industrial plant.

Increased Efficiency

The e-Shift Logbook standardizes processes across the plant and data entry can be automated where possible. Operations Logbook data is easy to retrieve horn any web browser, globally, without any additional software. Logs can be color-coded for easy identification and it gives users the ability to search and find critical data efficiently. it also guarantees critical fields are completed, checks spelling, eliminates double data-entty and performs automatic calculations, enhancing accuracy.

Integration with Other Systems

The e-Shift Logbook can read and write data automatically from other systems such as DCS, SCADA, CMMS, Data Historians and LIMS, etc.

Raised Employee Accountability

e-Shift Logbook system records the date and time when each user makes a log entry or revision. It allows for digital signatures at Shift Handover and other role-based procedures as required. It also allows the measurement and monitoring of human process KPIs.

DNR’s Partnership with j5 (Part of Hexagon)

DNR has partnered with j5 (Part of Hexagon) to implement digitized solutions for plant operations, providing domain experienced professionals who can implement high-quality solutions and assist clients in managing digital transformation at all levels in their organisation.

Keeping electronic records of activities and events within a shift, improve inter-shift communication for supervisors, managers & operators and Optimizes work-task coordination & completion across all operational roles.


  • Operations Logbook
  • Event Manager
  • Shift Handover
  • Action Management
  • Work Instructions
  • Inspection Rounds
  • Standing Orders
  • Operation Notes