Bulk Storage and Movement

Terminal Automation

Maximising profits through seamless terminal integration

Global oil and gas bunkering and storage industry faces great complexity across its spectrum of operations due to the wide variety of business processes, the. With multiple systems, the biggest challenge terminal managers must overcome is getting the right information to the right people at the right time to support vital decision making processes.

Close all gaps along the information flow for faster loading and higher throughput.

Total Turnkey Scope

  • Terminal Resource Planning & Execution System
  • Terminal Automation System (TAS)
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • AutomaticTank Gauging System (ATG)
  • Gantry Automation System
  • Vessel Loading System
  • Weighbridge Management System
  • Gate Access Control System
  • CCTV Camera System
  • Intelligent Motor Control Centre (MCC)
  • Fire & Gas Detection Alarm System

Optimised operations efficiency

A state-of-the-art totally integrated terminal resources planning and execution system, FuelTrack integrates all components of your business from field level to enterprise level seamlessly onto one single platform. By enabling smooth automation and integration of your business applications, we optimise your operations and increase your competitive edge to meet market demands efficiently.

Information where you need it, when you need it

FuelTrack harmonises the flow of information across your entire enterprise. In other words, you'll get the accurate, real-time information you need when you need it to make the right decisions, improving your reaction time to the market and allowing you to stay competitive while retaining your quality and reliability standards.

Boosted productivity and throughput

With modules that encompass logistics, distribution and administration management, oil storage tracking and movement activities within your entire business scope, FuelTrack helps you manage the entire operation execution process in a safe and productive manner. That efficiency translates to faster loading, higher throughput and a greatly reduced workforce.

Stay secure and compliant

FuelTrack's series of enterprise-level modules assist you in securely managing your business contracts in both the leasing and trading business environment. FuelTrack delivers the added benefit of planning your entire terminal operations with complete security and audit trails in place.

A solution that grows with you

FuelTrack can be deployed at a single terminal or a multi-site enterprise with terminals located in different geographic locations. With multiple easy add-on modules, you can build on the software as your needs expand.

Boost the speed and accuracy of your business execution, improve your billing cycle, reduce terminal operating costs and increase your revenue and profit margin.


  • Lease Contracts & Invoice Management
  • Stock Accounting & Reconciliation
  • Sales & Purchase Order & Invoice Management
  • Shipping Document Generation
  • Tank Storage Scheduling and Throughput Monitoring
  • Integration Interfaces for Control, ATG & Other Systems
  • Material Movement Planning & Execution
  • Data Analytics & KPI Dashboard

User Capabilities

  • CEO/Terminal Manager/ Shareholders
    • Terminal Earnings Report
    • Terminal Stock Gains/Losses
    • Terminal KPI Analytics
    • Electronics Business & Operation Records
    • Integrated Business & Operation Workflows
  • CFO/Finance Dept/ Commerce Dept
    • Electronic Contracts Management for Tank Lease (Segregated/Commingled) and Trading (Sales/Purchase)
    • Automatic Sales Order & Invoice Generation for Tankage, Excess
    • Throughput, Inter-TankTransfer/Blending, Wharfage/ Mooring/Demurrage and other miscellaneous charges
  • Operations/Logistics Manager/ Terminal Shift/Leaders/Operators
    • Tracking for Order Fulfilment Progress/Storage Throughputs
    • Automatic Stock Replenishment Alerts
    • Book-stock Management, Customer vs Terminal Books, Stock Variance Tracking
    • Shipping Document Generation, Bill of Lading/COQ/COA/ Cargo Manifest/Proforma Invoice/Shore Tank Outturn Report, etc.
    • Seamless Integration with Terminal Automation System, Batch Controllers and Tank Gauging System