Asset Management Solution

Plant Maintenance Management

Optimising your assets for better returns

The success of a business relies heavily on the reliability and productivity of its physical assets. But with prolonged use and improper management, failure of critical assets or a shortage of inventories is a real threat.This, in turn, leads to downtime that businesses can ill-afford. As such, companies must ensure that their high-value assets and equipment can run consistently over extended periods, supplying reliable and optimal output every time, without fail.

Boost the longevity, reliability and performance of your assets and increase your bottom line

Increase uptime of critical assets

The result of extensive industry research, MaxPro is an adept Asset Management Solution designed to help maintenance engineers pinpoint unreliable assets or processes so that they can execute timely preventive and predictive maintenance strategies.

This significantly reduces replacement and repair costs due to premature asset breakdowns, substantially lowers your cost of maintenance and ensures optimal performance of your critical assets.

Plan downtime and ensure plant safety

By allowing downtime to be requested, scheduled and approved for the execution of maintenance work orders, relevant personnel can be notified in advance so that preparations can be made for a safe shutdown. In addition, multiple maintenance jobs can be co-ordinated within a scheduled downtime so that the shutdown is optimised and future downtime periods can be reduced.

Optimise inventory of materials

Accurate inventory information, strict controls and traceable materials mean reduced material misplacements, less wastage and fewer mismanagements. By letting you configure material replenishment rules, we ensure that purchase requests are raised on a timely basis, eliminating the risk of downtime due to shortage of material.

Drive productivity improvements in the workforce

MaxPro enables you to file the technical qualifications of your maintenance workforce efficiently, giving you quick access so that you can make informed decisions at a glance regarding deployment of personnel.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Secured single-sign-on, user-access controls limit data to authorised personnel while 21 CFR 11-compliant electronic signature schemes deliver user accountability. In addition, comprehensive audit trails can be logged, safely archived and conveniently retrieved for auditing purposes.

Now you can improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of your asset management activities and, ultimately, your Return on Investment.


  • Asset & Maintenance Management
  • O&M Knowledge Base Management
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Audit Trail Management
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management
  • I/O Agent OPC Tuneller
  • Spare Parts Procurement Management
  • Data Analytics & KPI Dashboard

User Capabilities

  • CEO/Plant Manager/ Facility Manager
    • BI Reports and Analytics
    • KPI Dashboard
    • Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Procurement Department/ Store Manager
    • Procurement Requests and Approvals
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Track Goods Receipts/ Cancellations/Exchanges
    • Suppliers Managements
    • Stock Replenishment Alerts
    • Stock Issuing/Returns/ Receipts/Adjustments
  • Maintenance Department
    • Asset Life Cycle Management
    • Maintenance Workflow/Strategy
    • Work Order Management
    • PM (Preventive Maintenance)
    • Predictive Asset Maintenance
    • System Downtime Management
    • Maintenance Cost (e.g. Material, Labour, etc.)
    • Predictive Maintenance Analytics
    • Comprehensive Maintenance Reports
  • Plant Operators
    • Seamless Integration with SCADA/DCS
    • Access O&M Manuals
    • Operation Notes
    • Trouble Ticket & Work Request Generation