Bulk Storage and Movement

Material Movement

Track and manage your entire material movement process

The transportation of bulk liquid is an extremely complex process. Besides the challenge of inefficient manual tank loading and unloading at site each time stored content is relocated, there is the difficulty in monitoring volumes on the weighbridge and tracking stocks on the move to detect and deter intentional product syphoning. This translates to a loss of investment, decreased productivity and increased production downtime. To get ahead of the curve, companies need a solution that empowers their business by ensuring safe and efficient operations of their tank farms.

Unprecedented visibility and
accuracy of material tracking and tracing
in real time

RSPO & ISCC Compliance

POIMS Plus supports RSPO and ISCC compliance regulations by being able to track and trace incoming, outgoing and internal material movements. It supports both segregation and mass balance methods for compliance.

Effectively plan, execute and track orders and deliveries

With central management of the entire material movement process, you'll be able to pre-schedule deliveries and track them from start to finish, ensuring that the right product is delivered via the right mode of transportation at the right time. Tracking also means it's easy to account for material variances in transportation to and from your tank farms.

Integration with plant and enterprise applications

POIMS allows you to share your real-time inventory information with your existing or future plant systems, allowing you to build on your original investment at minimal cost. With data stored on she Cloud, decision-makers can conveniently and securely access the information they need any time, anywhere.

Easily track and manage your entire overall material movement process from start to finish.


  • Work Order Management
  • Production Monitoring
  • Weighbridge Management
  • Stock Accounting & Reconciliation
  • RSPO/ISCC Compliance
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Material Movement Planning & Execution
  • SAP/ERP Integration

User Capabilities

  • Top Management
    • Plant KPI Analytics
    • Electronic Business & Operation Records
    • Integrated Business & Operations Workflows
    • Integration Interfaces with ERP System
  • Logistics Manager/Operations Manger/Inventory Controller
    • Order Fulfilment Progress Tracking and Material Movement Planning
    • Batch Loading Operation Execution and Online Monitoring
    • Vehicle Registration, Weighbridge Ticket and Bill of Lading
    • Integration Interfaces with Weighbridge Device, Truck Loading Control System and Tank Gauging System
  • Production Manager/Quality Assurance Manager
    • Online Production Monitoring and Plant Performance Analysis
    • Stock Accounting and Material Balancing
    • Quality Specification Tests, Lab Results and Certificate of Analysis
    • Integration Interfaces with Plant Control System