Bulk Storage and Movement

Tank Farms Storage

Redefining tank farm management for greater efficiency

Companies dealing with bulk liquid inventory face myriad obstacles. Not only is it a challenge performing accurate and timely material reconciliations, but the lack of information hinders critical day-to-day business and production decisions.

In addition, many processes rely on manual labour, resulting in inefficiency, a loss of control and a higher risk of error. As such, enterprises need a solution that can automate, integrate and compute their tank farm inventory to drive greater productivity and profitability.

The smartest
way of controlling, monitoring and managing your tank farm inventory.

Timely and accurate information at your fingertips

A comprehensive and leading-edge Tank Farm Inventory Management IT Solution, POIMS utilises industry-standard computation formulas and syncs with tank gauging devices to measure and compute tank farm inventories with high accuracy. In other words, you get real-time, error-free, up-to-date reports whenever you need,to make critical business decisions.

Unified view of all your tank farm inventories

By consolidating the inventory data of your tank farms in different geographical locations onto a Angle platform, you enjoy the benefit of having a unified view of your tankfarm inventories at one glance. In short, you'll be able to view the inventory levels and available storage capacity in all your tank farms, enabling you to make informed dispatch and production decisions.

Integration with plant and enterprise applications

Integration with plant and enterprise applications POIMS allows you to share your real-time inventory information with your existing or future plant systems, allowing you to build on your original investment at minimal cost. With data stored on she Cloud, decision-makers can conveniently and securely access the information they need any time, anywhere.

Get real-time, error-free, up-to-date reports when you need them and make informed critical business decisions.


  • Management Console
  • Engineering Studio
  • User Management
  • Audit Trail Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Database Management
  • Report Management
  • I/O Agent OPC Tunneller

User Capabilities

  • Consultation & Design Engineering
    • Field Instruments & Field Network (supports various industry standards like Profibus, HART, Modbus, etc.)
    • Tank Farm and Balance of the Plant Control System
    • Integration with Plant or Enterprise Systems (offers standard middleware and options for bespoke solutions)
  • Application Development
    • Control System Applications
    • Bespoke Middleware for Systems Integrations and Business Automation
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Training & Operational Support and System Maintenance
    • Instrumentation & Field Network
    • Tank Farm and Balance of the Plant Control System
    • IT Infrastructure